Permanent Cosmetics


2016 Pricing: Exact prices determined upon consultation.

*Prices include: one hour design, initial procedure with anesthetic, finishing procedure with anesthetic, final checkup. All other procedures are priced per visit unless indicated otherwise. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Eyebrow Techniques

  • Consultation $35 | 30 minutes (free with procedure purchase). Required for all new clients
  • 2D Hair Simulation*- Single Color, Hair Stroke $650 – 700
  • 3D High Definition*- Realistic, 3-D, Multi Colored, Hair Strokes $650 – 750
  • European Micro-blading*- Superfine, Hyper-realistic, Multi Colored, Hair strokes – Now Available: $750-800
  • Powder Fill*- Soft Background Color throughout the brow $600 – 700
  • Partial Eyebrows- We can customize a design that incorporates your partial brow. We do not offer partial brow prices.
  • Maintenance Touch-ups- Single session. $275-400
  • Shape / Color Corrections- Multiple sessions are usually needed. Priced upon consultation only.

Eye Defining Techniques (Prices are for upper and lower unless indicated otherwise):

  • Eyelash Enhancement*- Soft definition of the lash line $600
  • Guy Liner* or Slim Liner*- Thin liner $600-700
  • Smokey Eyeliner*- Soft and smudgy $625-725
  • Art Eyeliner*- Bold and defined (medium to thick) $700-800
  • Custom Combinations*- Mix and match top and bottom techniques or layer for your desired look. $600-800
  • Upper Lids Only*- $400 to $550 depending on technique
  • We do not offer Lower Lids only we feel it does not compliment any eye shape.
  • Maintenance Touch-ups $275-400
  • Correction- Priced upon consultation only.

Lip Color Techniques:

  • Anti-Aging Vermillion Restoration* $600- $650
  • Lip Liner*- $600-$650
  • Lip Blushing*- $650-750
  • Full Lip Color*- $800-900
  • Cleft Lip and Asymmetrical Lips- priced upon consultation only.
  • Maintenance Touch-ups $300-500
  • Correction- Priced upon consultation only.
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