Brow Henna

With the fast paced world we live in today, the expectations of having perfection at the drop of a hat is not a new concept. The advancements in cosmetic treatments have made this possible in so many ways, brow henna being a leader in innovation. What is brow henna you may ask… Henna itself has been around for centuries, deriving from middle eastern and african cultures. Once used as a form of body art for ritualistic celebrations, henna has grown to expand its cosmetic uses, more commonly for brows. 

Brow henna now gives the opportunity of having amazing brows to everyone. This innovative formula ranges in colors to achieve that powder fill tattoo like effect with no downtime. Unlike traditional brow tinting, Henna helps make the brows more expressive by filling in gaps, coating the brow hairs with color, and staining the skin underneath to give your bras back their definition. A blend of unique ingredients help to nourish and thicken existing hairs while also strengthening and protecting them. 


Henna is vegan and cruelty free, using only naturally based products that will not harm the skin or brow hairs. 

Henna is great for so many reasons. If you or someone you know is hesitant on pulling the trigger to get permanent brows via tattooing, this is an amazing alternative. No pain, no downtime, no special pre or post care instructions. In need of a brow touch up via tattooing but don’t have the time for healing or too soon to come in for a touch up? Brow henna can help boost your color. Worried about stubborn grays ruining the look of your brows? Henna will coat those hairs without chemically damaging the hair follicle. Too young to get tattooed but want great brows? Henna!! 


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