Lansdale is just 11 miles to the South West of Doylestown. One of the leading permanent makeup centers and academies in the United States, and almost certainly the most recommended provider in Pennsylvania, Dermagrafix assists men and women from Lansdale on a regular basis, helping them to look and feel their best.

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Susan: Permanent Lip Makeup

“Corrective” lip color is often needed for those who have darker tones to their lips whether due to aging or prior PMU. Susan was concerned that her darker toned lips made her look older and constantly cold.

Having no concerns with her current lip shape, we discussed creating a soft and warm lip color through a layering process of two lip sessions. When it comes to dark lips, the use of cooler toned colors on the lips for tattooing is not recommended as it will only cause the lips to look more blue based and counteract any natural results. On the other end of that, the use of lighter colors to create a pale lip will only leave behind high traces of titanium dioxide pigment in the lips which will not heal evenly in the lips overtime.

Through the use of a vibrant, coral toned color, we were able to get her very close to her desired results with only one session! The second session we used a similar color with an additive of a muted pink to keep the lips warm, yet natural looking. Susan is so happy to have her youthful looking lips back.

Having had Microblading done elsewhere over a year ago, our client opted for a technique that would last longer with more color payoff. With her porcelain skin, dark hair, and punk rock style, Hailey was looking for more of a “bolder” brow that would bring focus to her facial features, without the need of makeup.

In order to counter her prior tattoo, which had begun to look ashy, we added a warmth undertone while still going slightly darker with her initial color. With an already beautiful shape applied to her brow area, we were able to easily draw on a simulated nanofill brow by filling in areas that had gaps of pigment missing.

The idea of permanent makeup can be alluring to some yet fearful for others. The convenience of not having to draw on your brows would have anyone ready to sign up fo this procedure, but with so many brow tattoos gone wrong, its understandable where client hesitation comes in to play.

After having her consultation with Lex, Maria chose microblading as her brow solution. While still a permanent procedure, microblading simulates natural hairs without an “overfilled” or overdone look. Because not as much pigment is placed in to the skin, these hair strokes will begin to fade more quickly over time.

For those who just need a little something added to the brows and don’t necessarily mind adding their own color when needed, this is a great technique that will give more allowance to changing size and symmetry of the brows over time. This is also a great technique, when done correctly, as a stepping stone for clients who may be worried of the appearance of too much color implemented in to the brow area.

Camille is a medical professional from Lansdale, PA, who cannot wear makeup due to cross-contamination protocols at the medical facility she works in. The inability to wear makeup to complete her look while having sparse and asymmetric eyebrows had her searching for a solution.

Camille was aware of the positive impact permanent makeup could have but being a medical professional she was also concerned with safety and outcome. Camille asked around for a reputable place and she was given the name of Dermagrafix several times. Camille was able to tour the facility upon her consultation and was impressed by the cleanliness of the Dermagrafix studio as well as the expertise of her artist who also happened to be the owner.

For Camille, her artist had suggested a soft hair stroke simulation to mimic her natural hair growth. Since Camille had not had her eyebrows tattooed before and her skin was in great condition her artist felt this would heal well on her. To address the asymmetries her artist drew a facial complimentary design with her eyes closed so muscle movement didn’t further impact the symmetry in a negative way. A pigment was used to closely resemble her natural color with a slight enhancement to complement her skin tone as well. When all of these aspects come together in harmony we get a natural and personalized eyebrow that looks like the ones she was born with.

Dermagrafix artists are OSHA and CPCP certified and highly trained to provide the safest and most natural looking results in the nation. We are a Woman-owned business who take pride in the smallest details and respect the trust you place in us for your cosmetic needs.

A long time native of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Cecilia and her husband are now starting their retirement in sunny Florida. Because of the warmer climate, Cecilia was concerned of her eyeliner running down her face and having the reapply throughout the day. Also, like many of us, my client has difficulty seeing her eyeliner as she draws it on without her glasses, so the obvious solution for her was to get her eyeliner tattooed.

As is the case for many, having eyeliner tattooed can be somewhat scary in the eyes of the client. For Cecilia, we chose to do a simple lash enhancement with a slim wing to help create a more lifted appearance to the eye shape. The slim wing resembles an upturned lash and gives the illusion of a more elongated eye shape, popular in today’s culture known more as a “cat eye” without the bold overdrawn look.

While my client loved her lash enhancement, like many, she made the jump from lash enhancement to eyeliner design for her second session and is all ready for her journey to sunny Florida!

Ashley went from having no brows to amazing brows! In Ashley’s case, an accident had caused her skin to “thicken”, not allowing hairs to grow where they once did. Even with no hair, we wanted to keep the brows looking natural yet giving a lot of color pay off and shape to the brow.

We did mainly powder fill and then tapered in hair strokes in to the powder fill using two different colors to create dimension. After opening up the skin and depositing pigment for bi fusion brows, our client stated her own brow hairs had began to grow back in between her two sessions! While we never promise this to our clients, many have said they have noticed hair growth slowly start coming back after getting their brows tattooed.

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