Levittown is just 23 miles to the South West of Doylestown. One of the leading permanent makeup centers and academies in the United States, and almost certainly the most recommended provider in Pennsylvania, Dermagrafix assists men and women from Levittown on a regular basis, helping them to look and feel their best.

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Amy: Permanent Lip Makeup

The growing popularity of full lips has hit the beauty industry by storm with the use of fillers. Unfortunately not everyone who has had fillers has achieved the look they were aiming for. Amy had had lip fillers and then had them dissolved as she felt it gave her a “duck like” look.

Still wanting fuller looking lips and create better symmetry between her top and bottom lips, she turned to us to help her. With the use of our lip blushing technique, we were able to restructure her bottom vermillion border back to its original shape. By slightly extending her vermillion border on the top, we were able to create perfect balance between her now full bottom lip and top lip.

When it came to color, our client was not sure exactly what she was looking for. Her muted baby pinks lips needed life brought back to them as she felt the lack of color washed her out. After discussing a range of color options for her new look, we settled on a soft cherry red in which, once healed, would appear as if she applied a cherry tinted chapstick to her pretty pout.

Our client wanted to keep her brows similar to her current shape by keeping them thin. Over the years of over plucking her brows, she simply could not grow her brows to the shape and size they once were, which was fine with her because she has a smaller face and prefers a thinner brow.Olivia wanted brows that look as if she had a makeup professional pencil them on so her husband would not notice and we can proudly report back, he didn’t notice a thing! hehe.

She could not stop smiling throughout the entire process, knowing she would never have to wake up early again to pencil them on before her husband could see her without brows. Another client who is a minimalist when it comes to makeup but knows that a good set of brows can frame the face, giving life and youth back to her appearance.

When determining if a client is a good candidate for microblading, if that is the style they are looking for, we check the integrity of the skin to see if they will hold hair strokes well. The best case scenario would be flawless skin, which is exactly what our client Jessica had.

With her naturally full and bold “Cara Delevigne” brows, Jessica was looking to simply fill some sparse areas to complete her supermodel style. While our client had no issue pencilling in her brows, it was not something she wanted to do on a daily basis let alone use any makeup on her perfect skin.

Instead of going through her entire brows with hair strokes, we chose to strategically place the microblading hair strokes in only the areas that needed it. Right after her procedure, not even Jessica could distinguish the difference between her own brows and the tattooed hair strokes.

Sandra’s eyebrows were getting lighter in more recent years and were not fulfilling the facial structure she wanted. At the age of 56 she had tried using hair color when going in for routine hair appointments but the color didn’t seem to last not did it reshape her eyebrows to a more complimentary shape. The usual makeup products provided little help as she wasn’t quite sure how to draw them in after years of not having patchy areas and loss of shape. Sandra likes to travel with her husband and packing her eyebrow pencil seemed useless knowing it would simply disappear after having fun in the sun. So Sandra decided to entrust the professionals at Dermagrafix to restore her eyebrows.

Our initial goal for Sandra was to keep the natural appearance of a sparse eyebrow. Creating hair strokes to mimic natural hairs that are almost white is no easy task and we didn’t want to make it obvious that we she was wearing a tattoo. The decision to keep the color soft and create fine line strokes to blend with her natural brows came from her artist who carefully guided her by providing options that quite frankly, just made sense.

Completing her eyebrows was all that needed to be done and while that may seem simple it takes quite a bit of skill to mimic the natural brow. It’s almost easier to ignore it all together and start fresh, however, that wouldn’t help the client be any closer to her goals. Since traveling was such a priority we first wanted to create an eyebrow that fiit with her most vulnerable, bare-faced look. Secondly, it was important that Sandra understood the importance of sun exposure and how it can impact pigment tonality and duration in the skin.

The choice was a 3D Hair Stroke Eyebrow- not to be confused with Microblading. This 3D Hair Stroke technique is kinder to the skin despite the use of a machine to create the fine line work seen in the images of Sandra. Microblading creates micro slices in the skin whereas the reciprocating needle in a machine creates micro-punctures which keep the skin in tact in more areas and allow for better closure of the word and more uniform rebuilding of sell formations. In layman’s terms that simply means less scarring.

While sun exposure is not recommended we understand that each individual has a lifestyle they prefer. It is our mission to help our clients to enjoy that lifestyle and leap towards it without hesitation. If it means educating them on proper long term care such as wearing sunscreen and taking care of their skin, then we do that for them. At no time do we recommend sun exposure for newly healing tattoos and for long term care we recommend daily sunscreen even in colder months.

Typically when clients come to us, they are lacking definition and structure to their face, structure they once had and now wish to bring back that youthful appearance. However, that is not always the case, and most definitely not the case for our client Sylvia.

This mother of 3 has kept up with her appearance over the years, taking great care of herself and her skin and lets not forget her amazing all natural brows. My client felt like something was missing from her every day look until a friend of hers had gotten her eyeliner tattooed by us.

Many clients are hesitant to get eyeliner due to worries about pain and what the final result will look like. Having seen her friend get this done, Sylvia was ready to pull the trigger. Being as she typically wears eyelash extensions, we recommended she have them removed before her eyeliner procedure.

Because eyelash extensions have some strict rules attached to maintenance of them, we chose to bolden up her lash enhancement to almost an eyeliner design and adding a blunt winged taper at the end to create seamless flow to her lash enhancement. Once all healed, Sylvia was able to go back to her technician to have her eyelash extensions put back on and now she wakes up looking absolutely flawless!

Jennifer is getting married soon, and while she will be having her makeup done for her wedding day, she wanted the convenience of not having to worry about brows on her honeymoon. While she does have some brow hair, she wanted her brows to come in a little closer to her nose to create a slimmer appearance.

With the help of the Bi Fusion technique, we added hair strokes to the fronts of her brows and tapered in to her natural brow hairs to a realistic effect. With the use of more than one pigment color, we had the ability to recreate her realistic brow that once was. Her tattooed brows are now undetectable and her now husband has no idea she even had them permanently added to her face.

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