Permanent Lips: Amy from Levittown PA

The growing popularity of full lips has hit the beauty industry by storm with the use of fillers. Unfortunately not everyone who has had fillers has achieved the look they were aiming for. Amy had had lip fillers and then had them dissolved as she felt it gave her a “duck like” look.

Still wanting fuller looking lips and create better symmetry between her top and bottom lips, she turned to us to help her. With the use of our lip blushing technique, we were able to restructure her bottom vermillion border back to its original shape. By slightly extending her vermillion border on the top, we were able to create perfect balance between her now full bottom lip and top lip.

When it came to color, our client was not sure exactly what she was looking for. Her muted baby pinks lips needed life brought back to them as she felt the lack of color washed her out. After discussing a range of color options for her new look, we settled on a soft cherry red in which, once healed, would appear as if she applied a cherry tinted chapstick to her pretty pout.

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