what is permanent lip makeup?

A very popular permanent makeup procedure, permanent lips are created using delicate cosmetic tattooing techniques to give you the same look you would have wearing lipstick, but without the morning drama.

This treatment offers a range of benefits that our clients really appreciate. Permanent lip makeup does not rub off or smudge like lipstick does, and does not need to be reapplied throughout the day. We recreate exactly the look you want using permanent cosmetics, so you can enjoy the ease and convenience of never having to do your lip makeup again!

Once healed, you are of course free to wear lipstick if you choose, perhaps for a change or to match an outfit. Just apply in the usual way, and your permanent makeup is unaffected.

This really is a flexible and convenient option that millions of women worldwide have chosen to make their lives easier and to feel their best at all times.

This procedure is also suitable for men and women who would like to hide imperfections in their lips. Scars, vitiligo, even cleft lips can be camouflaged using permanent lip makeup.

Dermagrafix is one of the leading permanent cosmetics treatment centers and academies in the United States. Rest assured that every Dermagrafix artist is impeccably trained to the very highest standard, our equipment and consumables are the latest and best available, and that we follow the strictest hygiene and safety protocols, meeting or exceeding all legal requirements. 

To discuss your individual needs and your desired outcome, please contact our team to arrange a free consultation. Although we prefer to meet our clients face to face, for your convenience we are able to conduct consultations and assessments by phone and email too.

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