Bi-Fusion Eyebrows: Adrianna from Newtown PA

Adrianna came from the Newtown area to fulfill her dream brows at Dermagrafix. After years of struggling with daily applications that weren’t lasting throughout the day of giving her the shape she wanted she decided to get eyebrow tattooing. Adrianna desired a full brow, a to fluff up her sparse brows to mimic the look of her daily makeup. Comparing prices and talent throughout the tri-state area, she researched many artists for safety, experience, style and options for her specific needs.

Before undergoing the tattoo process, Adrianna wanted to meet with artist and Owner, Valerie, to gain a full understanding just what it meant to have permanent makeup. Of course she knew it meant enjoying not having to struggle with her daily eyebrow routine, but she also wanted to see if she was a good candidate and to find out what styles would meet her needs. hat the Bi-fusion Eyebrow style was best for her needs. Bi-fusion Eyebrows is a proprietary technique developed by Valerie which encompasses the definition that sparse brows lack alongside the texture of a hair stroke to mimic her natural hairs. This powerful combination of techniques provide a natural-looking eyebrow style that lasts and lasts.

When Adriana came in for her first session her artist and she sat down to map out her dream brows. By adding the right angles Adrianna’s eyebrows transformed into a nicely angled brow that accents facial features like her eyes and cheekbones. The pigment color was carefully selected to build upon her natural color without being under or over stated. The images shown reveal a fresh tattoo yet once healed the pigment color will look about 30% softer. We can see just how happy she is with her Bi-Fusion Eyebrow result here at Dermagrafix!

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