Permanent Lip Makeup: Kathy from Newtown PA

As we age our lips will lose color, volume, definition and will look different due to muscle and skin changes that occur naturally. Many women become more dependent on conventional makeup products to balance these changes. Spending valuable time and money many women, like Kathy, opted for lip blush tattooing to simplify their makeup routine.

Long-lasting lipstick products were able to offer lasting coverage but left lips dry and the wearer would have to be careful of what they ate and drank. The frustration of lipstick wearing off and battling dry cracked skin also begged the question of what is in those products anyway? In recent years much information has surfaced about the harmful chemicals in topical cosmetics causing a large demand for organic and vegan products. While these products provide a safer alternative to their competitors, they still wipe off and can’t deliver a complete solution all on their own.

Kathy investigated options like permanent makeup for her lipstick failures and found more positives than she expected. It turns out lip tattooing can reshape lips, add volume, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, keep lipstick on longer, and at Dermagrafix the process is vegan too!

But he one question that Kathy and many others have is weather or not it hurts to have a tattoo on your lips. That question will be different based on where you go and who your artist is. There is always some kind of discomfort associated with tattoos in general but for lip tattoos we area able to numb the area with topical agents. Because our procedure times aren’t incredibly long, intentionally, we are able to minimize discomfort down to an extremely low level of discomfort. Most people feel swollen and sensitive at the end but tolerate extremely well during the process which lasts about an hour or less for most.

The goals we were able to meet for Kathy were that we restored the lack of definition she was experiencing and subtly enhanced the volume. She was experiencing a slight downward turn at the outer commissure of the lips (corners) which gave the appearance of frowning. By reshaping her lip design, we were able to deliver a happy countenance that appears to be more of a relaxed smile than a frown. Of course, she gained the convenience of having to not reapply her lipstick if she wanted to, but she could also change the color by simply applying a lip shade of her choice on top.

From this point forward Kathy is now able to enjoy a youthful lip that gives her confidence and convenience all at once.

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