Quakertown is not far from our clinic in Doylestown, just a 16 mile drive South East to our internationally recognized treatment and training academy. Some of the best permanent makeup artists in the world have trained with Dermagrafix, so clients are assured of first class results every time.

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Lynnette: Permanent Lip Makeup

Permanent makeup tattoos are often mistaken for being unnatural looking. The truth is that when done by a skilled, well trained and educated artist you can have an incredibly natural looking tattoo.

In this case our client Lynnette decided to opt for lip blushing as she started to see signs of aging through color and volume loss. It is so common and in fact many women lose collagen in the lip area as young as 35 years old.

We were able to give Lynnette a soft and natural looking color that brought color back to her face. Th shape was carefully crafted to reveal soft rounded lines to play up the volume in her natural shape with attention on defining the vermillion border. With age or sun exposure, the vermillion border tends to have a washed-out appearance causing the lips to disappear into the surround skin. The choice to have permanent makeup lip blushing rendered a youthful sultry lip result for our beautiful client, Lynnette.

When in search for the best permanent makeup artist for you face, you might want to take a special trip out of town. In this case Danielle traveled from Quakertown to Doylestown, Pennsylvania in order to get expert results for her eyebrows. Danielle was referred by a friend when she mentioned she was interested in getting her eyebrows tattooed.

Danielle and Valerie met to discuss her eyebrow concerns, the pro’s and con’s of getting permanent makeup, and what it might look once it healed. Danielle is very active and wanted to make sure her brows looked natural when she wasn’t wearing makeup but also looked great for those night out selfies too! Many clients want a natural, timeless look that can be enhanced for a night out but light and soft for when they head to the gym or simply don’t want to apply makeup. When Danielle met with Valerie all of these concerns were discussed and a straight forward plan of how this would be created was developed. Soon after Danielle was to look forward to getting her eyebrows tattooed!

Valerie had suggested her proprietary Bi-fusion eyebrow technique to give Danielle’s eyebrows a soft yet defined shape. While she had bible eyebrow hairs all across her brow bone, they were unruly and mishapen. By adding the texture of some hair strokes throughout Danielle would gain not only a defined shape but fine line hair replicas to give density to her eyebrows and give the appearance of perfectly groomed eyebrows.

After two sessions her eyebrows are the perfect combination of elegance and timeless beauty. It was a key focus for Valerie to design this particular eyebrow with time in mind considering the client is young. When designing any permanent makeup tattoo the artist will want to consider how the tattoo will age with the skin. It is prudent for the artist to create designs and use techniques that will look as good as it can for as long as it can.

Here we can se the progression of how Danielle’s Bi-fusion Eyebrow tattoo one and how it looks completely healed.

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