Permanent Lip Makeup: Paige from Sellersville PA

Paige was concerned with the diminishing color in her lips from having lip fillers. While lip fillers provide beautiful volume and curvature to her lip area the fleshy tone of the lips appeared to diminish as the skin stretched to accommodate the filler substance.

She wanted to enhance the fullness that the lip filler was providing with color and definition that lasted just as long or longer than her lip fillers would. She decided to come to Dermagrafix to get the ever-popular Sultry Lip Blushing technique.

We began with drawing a shape that Paige was able to view and approve prior to the tattooing. Color selection was important, and we looked at some of the lip color she liked to wear so we could select a versatile color that she could love every day. We landed on a pale fleshy pink that emulated her natural lip color. She didn’t want to look like she was wearing lipstick but that her lips had a natural blush to them. That is the beauty of having a lip blushing tattoo, it looks great with or without lip stick.

We were able to sculpt her lip shape into a more symmetric one that complemented the fullness she loved so much. In addition, we added lush yet subtle color that gave a fleshy appearance that was versatile for all the looks she wanted to experiment with. Now her lips have soft kissable color and symmetry that balances her over all look and is easy to maintain.

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