Bi-Fusion Eyebrows: Melanie from Trenton NJ

Meet Melanie, a 34 year female from Trenton, New Jersey. Stephanie is a young professional with life on the go. The decline in her eyebrow hair growth gave way to a more mature look which didn’t resonate with how she saw herself. After years of applying eyebrow makeup from the best brands and taking time to create shapes that command respect and poise in her professional world they just didn’t keep up with her busy lifestyle. It was time to get on the right track to an option that suited her personal style and her lifestyle. The choice was obvious so Melanie decided to get on permanent makeup train.

Like many other clients, Melanie had misshapen and sparse eyebrows. Her preference in terms of style was the Dermagrafix Bi-Fusion Eyebrow technique developed by owner Valerie Weber. Bi-Fusion Eyebrows are the perfect combination of definition and natural hair line replicas.

Melanie met with her artist where a thorough consultation and plan was created for her specific eyebrow goals. In just a couple of sessions Melanie was on the fast track to her flawless dream brows.

Melanie knows how to care for her new eyebrow beauties by keeping her skin well hydrated and away from environmental damage including sun exposure. Routine touch-ups every couple of years will help to maintain the look she wants and a care-free lifestyle in terms of her cosmetic tattoo.

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