Permanent Lip Makeup: Diana from Trenton NJ

Permanent makeup lip blushing also known as cosmetic tattooing is an impressive option for those wanting to correct lip asymmetries, restore lip volume, brighten lip color, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, create definition. If you want to save time and money and get away from products that are drying to your lips then you might want to consider lip blush tattooing, like Diana did.

For Diana, we observed that she was losing the definition around her mouth known as the vermillion border. He lips were showing asymmetries and the outer corners were turning downward creating a frowned appearance.

Once we discussed the possibilities and options Diana was sure lip blush tattooing was right for her. When meeting with her artist, Diana, was able to communicate her design goals to her artist and see them drawn on her lips prior to tattooing.

Her artist kept her comfortable with the use of a topical anesthetic and the procedure was only 45 minutes. After having her two sessions she was able to face her daily life without having to fuss over her lip challenges anymore.

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