Bi-Fusion Eyebrows: Janice from Warminster PA

Bi-Fusion Eyebrows tattoos gave Janice her sexy back! We all strive to maintain a youthful appearance but we all face aging and it’s effects on our appearance.

Janice, 53 from Warminster Pennsylvania experiences hair loss in her eyebrows from the natural aging process where hair follicle production slows down. If she over-plucked her brows in her youth that would be a factor in how her eyebrows look today as well. Since we are born with eyebrows we naturally want to keep them and use them to enhance our facial symmetry weather we know it or not. Not having eyebrows at all or misshapen eyebrows give us an entirely different look. It’s no wonder striving for prefect eyebrows have been a focal point in recent beauty culture.

Janice wanted to restore her eyebrows to what they once were. Having a thorough conversation through a personalized consultation Janice was bale to convey her goals and her artist was able to map out a plan to achieve those goals.

Janice had experienced some photo-damage from normal sun exposure over time, her skin seemed rather healthy but a little thinner. It was important to her artist that a soft yet subtle look be considered to enhance her features yet achieve the color impact she had hoped for. The Bi-Fusion eyebrow technique seemed to be the best fit for Janice’s skin and desired outcome. This particular option is a proprietary technique created by owner, Valerie Weber, to lightly enhance and overall color background

with textured hair line strokes for a more natural and multi-colored look to simulate Janice’s earlier eyebrows style. The results gave a renewed and polished look for her to enjoy for years to come.

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