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A well-rounded, information-packed, hands-on foundational class designed for beginners wanting to enter the field of cosmetic tattooing, or for those want to add to their body art or microblading background. Rather than provide a general overview of cosmetic tattooing we train our  students in-depth over a longer period of time to teach core basics essential to their future growth. Our curriculum dissects techniques and strategies for proper planning and to encourage critical thinking.  Students are presented with topics to troubleshoot and analyze multiple aspects of the process for a deeper and methodical understanding.

Phase I– $2000- Pre-class study accounts for 39 of your training hours where you will want to read your text book and complete your coordinating workbook to get you prepped for class. You will also be required to complete an OSHA BBP class (we will send the link) prior to you attending class.

Pay Phase I + Non refundable deposit- $2000

Phase II– $2500 + $1500 LUMI machine kit = $4000- During classroom theory hours the class will dive into color theory, skin types, candidacy, contraindications and medical clearances, needle and machine theory, client management, documentation, consultations, and safe use of anesthetics. Students will apply their pre-class study and theory training to the next phase we refer to as the hands-on training. In this phase, students will perform a variety of techniques on vegan practice pads and or mannequin heads to strengthen hand and eye coordination skills, machine control, and consistency. Students will interact with one another to carry our drawing exercises and stretching techniques prior to practicing on a live model.

Pay Phase II- $2500 Phase II- $2500 + $1500 With Lumi Machine

Phase III– $3000- The final phase of training for students who are ready is to work on live models under direct supervision of their instructor and in an actual treatment room. Students will practice safety protocols and complete their own treatment set up and brake downs as well as tattoo their own models. While up to six students may be present in any fundamental class only one student will tattoo at a time, per instructor or instructor assistant. A written test is performed at the end of class. Students must pass the written portion of training with an 80%. or higher.

Pay Phase III- $3000

 Inclusions: Students will be given pre-study class materials once enrolled including: Text book, work book, OSHA BBP class link (cost not included), proof of BBP training (certificate) upon arrival to class. Machine, class kit, and course manual are included and will be provided to students upon arrival to class. A certificate of completion is awarded to those who complete the course successfully. If additional hours are required to meet performance these hours are not included. Upgraded LUMI digital machine + $1500.

How to register: We want to make sure we are a good fit for your professional growth so we’ll want to have a phone or in-person interview before enrolling. Once ready, we’ll need your enrollment agreement and a $2000 check or money order at the time of registration or through our store using the button below.

Upcoming Dates

Phase II-A & B – January 11 – 15th
Phase III – February 3-5th

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