Evolution Training Class(16 HRS.) $1900 or Live Stream 8 hrs. / $599

This is the only course designed to supplement your training to firm up your foundational understanding. If you are lacking in any area this is the class to evolve your skill set, your outcomes and your performance. Prior to class, Valerie will evaluate your skill and hone in on areas you want to master. A detailed breakdown with demonstration and live models are all part of a comprehensive understanding. Bring your own machine and needles for this two-day, information packed, group class.

Live Stream

Interactive class involves Day 1 ONLY of the full class (8hrs.)

Upcoming Dates

Dates for In Person: TBD 2021 (approximately May 5, 6 or 7th)

Upcoming Dates

Phase II-A & B – January 11 – 15th
Phase III – February 3-5th

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This course offers a live stream as an alternative to the full course, you can purchase either course with or without the Lumi Machine.

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