Services & Cancellations

  1. Non-refundable deposits are defined as NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable. Depending on the total cost of your service, a non-refundable booking deposit is required to hold your appointment. That amount is found on your “Price Quote”.
  2. Non-refundable deposits are due upon booking. Procedure balances are due on the first procedure day. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Personal checks, Cashier’s checks, Money Orders, and cash. Even with advance notice of cancellation the business incurs costs to process and refund and loss of bookings. Therefore, deposits will be held and will be applied, in full, towards your next session so long as we have had a full 2 business days notice in which to move your appointment. If you cancel or move your appointment within 2 business days your full, non-refundable deposit will be kept to cover our loss. This policy is non-negotiable. An additional booking deposit of $100 or more may also apply.
  3. Cancelled appointments are only recognized with written confirmation or speaking to a live person who can verify your request. Voicemails and texts are not considered verifiable unless accompanied by written notification via email as well.
  4. Online booking requests are not guaranteed unless approved by Dermagrafix and secured with the appropriate deposit amount specified on your “Price Quote” Document. Price quotes that are older than six months old may not be honored and may require a new consultation and or price quote.
  5. Annual price increases take place in January. Expired quotes will be subject to the new price increases.
  6. Anyone with a health concern should inquire with their health care provider prior to receiving a cosmetic tattoo. Doctor clearance does not eliminate Dermagrafix’s right to adhere to our safety practices. If the artist feels it is unsafe to perform your session, we reserve the right decline service. Failure to comply with pre-treatment compliances may result in forfeiting of your scheduled appointment and ultimately, your non-refundable deposit.
  7. Dermagrafix does not offer all-inclusive tattooing or free touch-ups. Additional tattoo hours equate to additional fees. Dermagrafix’s fees are for services performed not results received.
  8. Dermagrafix is unable to perform allergy testing. If allergy testing is requested, this can only be performed by a medical professional and the client assumes all associated costs with having had an allergy test. Furthermore, Dermagrafix is not responsible for allergies to pigments, anesthetics, aftercare products and skin preparations used during the treatment.
  9. Tardiness: If you arrive past ten minutes late for your scheduled appointment time, you will need to rebook. A minimum rebooking fee of $100 will apply and a portion or all of your non-refundable deposit may also be absorbed since the appointment was forfeited. If there is extra time (on this same day) and we can simply move your appointment time we are happy to do so at no charge.
  10. Procedure times are estimated and will begin after the previous session is completed and the room and equipment is properly sanitized. We recommend booking your procedure when you can allow for a cushion of time to not have issues parking or ending up late. Your session can begin on-time and still run late, and this is something to consider when booking. We do our best but, in the end, we only want you and all our amazing clients to leave here looking good and having a proper session.
  11. Children: According to state law, children are not permitted in the studio at any time, even if accompanied with an adult. A tattoo shop is not a safe environment for a child regardless of the parent or guardians’ awareness of that fact.
  12. We are unable to perform tattoo services on minors under the age of 18 without parental and doctor’s consent. A valid photo ID and birth certificate is required for parent / guardian verification.
  13. Your booking deposit is verification that you understand and agree to our terms and conditions.
  14. For all new procedures we require a consultation to determine candidacy. Fees apply regardless of candidacy. A non-refundable booking deposit will be required to hold any procedure related appointment. Online appointment requests are subject to approval and are not confirmed until a staff member approves the appointment. Deposits made via online are also non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the fullness of our appointment calendar we need a full 2 business days notice of cancellation for all permanent cosmetic, tattoo removal, scalp procedures or special occasions services. All other services require a 24-hour notice. Emergency rescheduling will be permitted only once. Thereafter additional fees will be required in order rebook or your deposit will be absorbed. We do not wish to cause any reason for concern. We are simply asking that clients be considerate so we can fill the opening with enough notice.

Privacy Policy

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New COVID-19 Policy

Online Booking, Shopping, e-Forms, curbside pick-up and online payment is

  1. Temperature taking will take place upon entry. Each morning staff will be checked in order to perform services. Patrons who are ill or present with any fever (100.4 F) will be rescheduled. A fee may apply if you arrive ill vs. calling ahead to reschedule. We hope this serves as incentive to respect the health of others.
  2. Sanitize- You are required to sanitize your hands upon entry.
  3. Masks must be worn upon entry and throughout the duration of your session. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask you can post-pone your appointment until restrictions are lifted. Deposits will NOT be refunded for non-compliance at the door.
  4. Please leave excess belongings in your car. Only essential items may enter and must be placed into your shopping bag upon entry. No food or beverages are allowed in the studio. As usual: The application of cosmetics, contact lenses and piercing is not allowed within our facility and shoes must be worn at all times. Once items are stowed, they must remain in your shopping bag.
  5. Once in our facility we ask you keep a 6’ distance from others and follow directional guides for traveling within our facility.
  6. Guests will not be permitted unless they are to accompany a minor or person with a physical disability.
  7. Forms that have been sent to you must be completed before your service. If you have been asked to complete new forms since your last visit these also must be completed prior to entry. This will help us eliminate delayed appointments and a pile up of people waiting. Our forms will now include questions regarding your health and whereabouts.
  8. We will now be adding PPE fee of $10 to each session to cover the increased cost due to the pandemic.
  9. Dermagrafix will remain an appointment-only facility.


  1. Items are shipped within 48 hours of placing your order. If after noon, items will be shipped within 72 hours. Please allow up to 48 hours to process your order.
  2. Shipping within the continental US typically arrives within 2 to 5 days from the time it is shipped. Larger orders and international orders may take 7-12 days.
  3. Shipments go out Monday through Friday via USPS.
  4. Shipping rates are for one-way transit.
  5. Returns are paid by the recipient.
  6. Once a shipping label has been made and the order is cancelled, we cannot refund shipping.
  7. Damaged items: If the item has arrived in disrepair, the recipient has 24 hours of which to notify us at Please attach images of the damage. Replacement items may be sent if the damage was caused from shipping.

Refunds & Returns

  1. Items must be returned within 30 days from date of purchase to be eligible for an exchange or refund. Skin care and body care products are non-returnable.
  2. All returns past 30 days from original purchase will be refunded in the form of a Dermagrafix gift card.
  3. Items not in their original packaging or that have a broken seal are not eligible for a return or exchange.
  4. Online order returns will incur a 20% restocking fee plus shipping.
  5. Incorrect online purchases will incur merchant fees at the buyer’s expense. This will be deducted from the cost refunded.
  6. PPE is final sale.
  7. Student books, kits, machines, and supplies are final sale.

Gift Cards

  1. Gift cards may be purchased in any amount and may be shipped to the recipient for an additional fee of $5.
  2. Gift cards are not returnable for any cash value.
  3. Gift cards do not expire.

Training Course Bookings, Payment, Policies & Cancellations

  1. Payment: Enrollment fees are due upon enrollment. Balances, if any, are due 14 days prior to class start date. Financing options are available.
  2. Class enrollment fees are non-refundable for any reason. Fees may not be transferred to another class or student for any reason.
  3. Incorrect online purchases will incur merchant fees at the buyer’s expense. This will be deducted from the cost refunded.
  4. Students must be aware of any state or local laws for the area they wish to practice tattooing. Dermagrafix does not offer legal guidance but will help direct students the best we can.
  5. All students must provide proof of a valid bloodborne pathogens training certificate and photo ID once enrolled. Students agree they are over the age of 18 when enrolling.
  6. Advanced students will be asked to provide proof of fundamental training in the form of a one-hundred-hour basic course certificate prior to enrolling in any advanced class. Students who cannot provide a 100-hour basic course certificate will be guided to selecting a course to help them reach the required hours first before enrolling in any advanced course.
  7. Students who enroll agree they will complete the Student Enrollment Agreement upon enrollment.
  8. Students enrolled in Fundamental training classes must complete each training phase before they are eligible for the next phase.
  9. Students enrolled in Fundamental training will have thirty days or more to complete Phase I. Phases II and III must begin within 90 days or less of having completed Phase I.
  10. Students may not provide their class login credentials to anyone not enrolled in online training.
  11. For safety reasons, students will not be given any included class kit or machine until they have completed a certain level in training. If the student is unable to progress in training, they may be eligible for a refund of their machine (if one was purchased) plus a 20% restocking fee and shipping costs.
  12. Additional training may be needed for certain individuals. Additional training will incur additional costs.
  13. Illness that effect class dates must be excused with a doctor’s note in order to reschedule. Students may attend the next available class dates. Exclusive dates are not offered.
  14. Dermagrafix does provide support to students Monday through Friday during normal business hours by phone at 267-454-7464, email at, or through our Dermagrafix Student Facebook page and messenger. Alumni may return for scheduled observation at no charge for 12 months after their enrollment date.

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