how does this combo option work?

A hair transplant is a great option for many people who are experiencing hair loss, but it is not without its limitations. A great result from hair transplant surgery depends heavily on the following factors:

  • The chosen procedure type
  • Availability of donor hair and number of grafts transplanted
  • What donor site is used for harvesting
  • Retention rate and ‘shock loss’
  • Skill of your physician
  • The healing process
  • Desired outcome
  • Correct management of expectations

In many cases we see patients who did in fact achieve a good outcome from their surgery, but for whatever reason were unable to achieve the healed density they would ideally like. This is where scalp micropigmentation can help.

At Dermagrafix we routinely use SMP to add the appearance of extra density where surgery was unable to achieve full density as a standalone procedure. We often take the opportunity to camouflage scars from surgery at the same time.

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