Horsham is just 10 miles to the South of Doylestown. One of the leading permanent makeup centers and academies in the United States, and almost certainly the most recommended provider in Pennsylvania, Dermagrafix assists men and women from Horsham on a regular basis, helping them to look and feel their best.

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Melissa: Permanent Lip Makeup

Already having a fantastic lip shape, Melissa was striving for a more vibrant yet still natural looking lip color while defining her bottom lip. She loves to change her lip color quite often with lipsticks and glosses, so keeping them a natural color as to not overpower other colors she placed on top was very important for her.

After discussing her goals from her lip procedure, we decided on our Ombre Lip Blushing technique. This technique allows for a beautiful wash of color with no harsh “lip lines” while bringing back structure to the lip vermillion border. For her color, we opted for a beautiful blend of a soft pink with a slight mauve undertone.

With no corrective work required, it was easy getting Melissa to her desired end result. With more color saturation towards the borders and outer corners of the lip, and then whipping in the color to create a gradient ombre effect, we create the illusion of a poutier appearance and fuller look to the lip. Now Melissa is able to layer on colors to fit her style for that day without the need of lining her lips first, however she now prefers to just pop on a clear gloss to enhance her new “natural” lips.

My beautiful client, Esmerelda, came to see us at Dermagrafix to restore her once bold and beautiful movie star brows. A native from Spain, our client now resides in Horsham, PA with her husband.

Her concern was that she draws them on to appear as they did many years ago, however, she tends to get carried away with her pencils and powders. She wanted the ease and convenience as well as the natural appearance of the once full luscious brows she once had.

Being that she already had somewhat of a shape left to her brows, now left simply sparse and thin in areas, we opted to start her off for her first session with a more extreme version of an ombre nanofill, leaving room in the fronts to add more color or hair strokes on her second session. By the time her second session came around, she wanted to stick with just nanofill, no hair strokes, so we added more color and warmth to the front of her brows.

Not all clients want, or need a lot of color payoff to their brows. Some just need a little TLC to bring those once fabulous brows back to life.

Our client, Ana, works with her husband running their own restaurant in Horsham. Long shifts, hot kitchens, and a job that just won’t quit keeps Ana on her toes 24/7. Personal time, let alone makeup application is not high priority on Ana’s “to do” list, so simple, yet put together brows is exactly the style this client was aiming for.

Creating realistic looking brows for her was an easy task. Following the flow of her natural brow hairs, layering in microblading hair strokes helped fill in those sparse areas.

Many of our clients come to use wanting eyeliner that they no longer need to draw on, however, every once and a while we have a client that requests something very natural and just looking to enhance what they already have.

That is exactly what Amanda wanted. Something very slender that no one would even notice, yet it would give definition back to her eye shape.

This is my personal favorite technique for those with either thin or very light eyelashes, or those with mature skin around that eye that is causing the eye to look more “aged”. Bringing color to the lash line helps create the appearance of thicker, darker lashes, without committing to “design”.

My personal recommendation for clients that want something to help define the eyes but not sure about eyeliner, start with a lash enhancement. This simple technique can always be built up on the second session to create something bolder if that is what the client is aiming for.

When your makeup runs, sweats out of place, or gets trapped in your eyes it isn’t convenient or welcome. Even with some of the most trusted makeup brands and long-lasting products we know that their convenience is temporary and difficult to apply for ordinary people who just want to get on with their day.

Try layering those challenges with arthritis or vision problems making it hard to create a straight line or even able to see to apply it where you want!

Permanent makeup exists just for people like you, and people like Tanya. Tanya sought us out to have her eyeliner tattooed because of the challenges she was facing with her makeup not staying and limitations of getting it on in the first place. After her first eyeliner procedure she decided she wanted more drama to her look and we did just that a few years later.

Tanya, age 49 from Horsham, Pennsylvania was tired of the daily challenges with conventional makeup and made the permanent switch to Dermagrafix. Of course Tanya, like many others, had concerns of discomfort and was curious of the accuracy of the artist, however, when she met with her expert at Dermagrafix she was put at ease. Entrusting an artist to perform permanent makeup on your eyes is a weighty decision some might say. Knowing your artist is skilled, certified and practices with some of the highest standards in the industry makes you feel more comfortable and one of the reasons Dermagrafix is the most trusted name in Philadelphia County.

Having explained the entire process prior to her session empowered Tanya to make a decision that fit her needs and the ability to choose who she wanted to give that trust to. She chose Dermagrafix and her results are amazing!

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows are one of today’s hottest culture trends circling the globe. Right here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania the professionals at Dermagrafix are changing the eyebrow world one hair at a time. Chelsea, came to Dermagrafix from her hometown of Horsham, Pennsylvania to seek out the most natural looking eyebrow tattoo. Despite the many microblading shops popping up and offering cheap services that seemed too good to be true, Chelsea knew not to take a chance on her face. Stories of botched work had circulated on her Facebook feed so she decided to ask a local Facebook forum where to go and the name Dermagrafix kept popping up over and over in the comments. So she decided to take it a step farther and stop in to see what the chatter was about.

Chelsea is a mother and is involved in many activities for kids and has little time to fuss over futile things like her eyebrows when she is rushing out the door. However, she still wants to look good and feel good and it became apparent that in her business she was missing a bit of her own personal desires: something as simple as having her eyebrows on point. Sometimes the simple things in life can make us so happy. It’s not about being vain it’s simply about being who we are. We are all allowed to be our best selves. Let’s face it, we are born with eyebrows aren’t we? So why would it be so terrible to simply put them back if we accidentally over tweezed them in our teen years, or they fell out from stress after the divorce,  that hectic job, or from an auto-immune response like Alopecia?

Having a good set of eyebrows says I like to look nice but I like natural beauty. We get it, you don’t need much, you just need your brows. That’s what we are here for! We don’t want to change you, we want to make your life easier and give you back that pep in your step and rid you of that nagging fear of eyebrows disappearing when you wipe the sweat from your brow at the gym.

Chelsea got her wish for her eyebrows by the way. We created a natural-shaped eyebrow that incorporated the small amount of hair she did have and reconstructed the other side to have the same look. We drew the design on first so she could make sure she liked it before making it permanent. She was kept comfortable and numb during her session with topical numbing cream, and each session took just a little over an hour. It took two sessions for us to give her the effect she wanted. Form now on she’ll just come and visit us for a routine touch-up every year or two to maintain a fresh look.

Sensitive skin is something we see quite often. In Susan’s case, she has reactions too many products that are typically used to fill in eyebrows.

While she does have brow hairs, she was frustrated with not being able to fill in her brows more, due to her extremely sensitive skin. In order to keep her brows looking very realistic, we added some powderfill shading and layered on mainly hair strokes to taper into her natural brows. Because of her sensitive skin, we were concerned she may not hold all of her hair strokes, so adding in shading helped add color and shape to the brows.

Susan is extremely pleased with her healed results and now has come in for other services making her day to day that much easier and does not have to worry about irritated skin from comedogenic makeup again!

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